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 Kendry Collection Online Boutique - Meet The Owner Morgan Stanfill

Hey ya'll! My name is Morgan, the owner and creator of Kendry Collection Boutique and I'm so happy that you've chosen to shop with us!

Fun Facts About Morgan



Meet Morgan

Hey there, fabulous fashionistas! I'm the face behind the flair at Kendry Collection Boutique, where every day is a runway and style is a way of life. You'll usually find me at the store front, where the magic happens, and yes, you can't miss my extra style – it's kind of my trademark!

Meet my four-legged partner-in-crime, always by my side, and yes, he's a VIP in-store too! Life is always a bit brighter with a furry friend! Oh, did I mention? I'm recently engaged, adding a sprinkle of love to the fashion mix!

Beyond the glam, I'm your trend-obsessed boss babe. Markets are my playground, and I’m on a mission to discover the next must-have piece.

Day to day?

Picture this: From sunrise to sunset, I'm weaving dreams and stories with every outfit in the store. When I'm not at market or the store, I'm handling our social media, taking and editing photos, updating the website, creating marketing graphics, content & more!

Long hours? Absolutely, but I love every moment because Kendry isn't just a business; it's a passion project.

Meet Laura

Say hello to the heart and soul of Kendry Collection Boutique – the fabulous force behind the scenes, known to all as the stylish matriarch.

From dawn till dusk, you'll find her at the store front, infusing the space with warmth and glamour. Her style? Extraordinaire. Her presence? Unforgettable.

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Laura attends markets with me, handpicking styles that reflect her impeccable taste. But her role goes beyond fashion – she's the glue that binds our team! Managing employees with a perfect blend of grace and authority, she keeps the vibe lively and the standards high, honey!

In her day-to-day, you'll catch her adding that extra touch to the displays, ensuring that every piece tells a story. She believes in the power of fashion to elevate, and her commitment to making every customer feel valued echoes in every corner of our boutique.

You Are More Than Just A Customer To Us!

Our values are stitched into every seam – embracing uniqueness, staying ahead in trends, and fostering a community where everyone feels seen and celebrated.

To us, this isn't just a business; it's a family, and it's our honor to ensure that everyone who walks through our virtual (and physical) doors feels the warmth, style, and essence of Kendry Collection Boutique.

Welcome to a world where fashion is not just a statement but a celebration of individuality. 💃🛍️🌟