Bonfire Bliss Melton Candle

Bonfire Bliss Soy Wax Melton Candle - Kendry Collection Boutique


Wonderful notes of amber, sandalwood and vanilla in the gold spiked Andrea 6oz. vessel. 

As most of you know, I (the owner and creator of Kendry Collection Boutique) hand pick all items for the store. We specifically chose Melton Candle Company as our only candle company in the store for three main reasons:

  1. The uniquely beautiful vases can be repurposed around the home for flowers, make up brushes or anything you can think of!
  2. These soy wax candles are all hand poured in Georgia by an amazing woman who has put her heart and soul into creating wonderful candles. Which you all know we love to support our girl bosses!
  3. These are the strongest and best smelling scents we found among hundreds of candles.